Journey of getting into DevOps as a Fresher from Tier 3 college

Journey of getting into DevOps as a Fresher from Tier 3 college

Hello everyone🙋‍♂️, Today, as part of our Day 91 of #90days and #90daysofdevops

As the guest speaker, I am overwhelmed ☺ with gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to connect with Tausief Shaikh, the Career Transformation family, and the #devops community. It was an absolute honour to share my journey and experiences as a DevOps engineer during the "YOU-MATTER, 30 Minutes 1-1" session.

Checkout the Live session below:

The warmth and enthusiasm of everyone involved made me feel right at home, and I couldn't have asked for a better audience. The opportunity to discuss the topic of "Journey of getting into DevOps as a Fresher from Tier 3 College" was especially meaningful for me. I was able to share the ups and downs of my journey, the challenges I faced, and the strategies I used to overcome them.

It was amazing to see how engaged and responsive the attendees were. The thoughtful questions and comments helped me to delve deeper into the topic and share even more valuable insights. I hope that my experiences and advice resonated with those who attended and inspired them to pursue their own DevOps careers.

I am humbled by the warmth and hospitality of everyone involved, and I am deeply grateful for this unforgettable experience. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow within the DevOps community and to connect with each and every one of you again in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm attaching below the links to the platform, I talked about:

📍 Ace Fluency Link:
Hirist Portal:
Indeed Portal:
Glassdoor: [

Thank]( you so much Tausief Shaikh, Abhishek Veeramalla, Nasiullha Chaudhari , Piyush sachdeva, and Shubham Londhe Sir for your all's support and guidance throughout...

⚠ This video is not sponsored by anyone. If I have spoken anything incorrectly, I apologize. The content I shared is solely based on my personal experience and has been presented unfiltered to the attendees.

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