Covering the Q n A of DevOps Pe Charcha

Covering the Q n A of DevOps Pe Charcha

Good Morning Connections, It's Day 16 of the #90days initiative is here, and I would like to continue the conversation from yesterday's DevOps Pe Charcha 2023 event post. Today, I'll be answering three more questions:

Que 3. What is the future of DevOps in the next 5 years?
👉 The DevOps field is constantly evolving and requires constant learning
👉Initially, it was just required to know how to work on-premises servers and automate services
👉However, now it is mandatory to have knowledge of the Cloud and its services, at least one cloud
👉With the increasing usage of the cloud, a new role has emerged - DevSecOps, combining Development, Security, and Operations
👉The importance of learning will continue to grow, leading to better job opportunities in the future

Que 4. How can one create DevOps projects that showcase their skills?
👉Pick one tool and make a project using it
Gradually add more tools to the project and automate the process
📍 Create a simple project using shell scripting
📍Push it to a GitHub repository (SCM)
📍Deploy it on EC2 Server on AWS Cloud
📍Deploy the same project on AWS Elastic Beanstalk
📍Create a Jenkins Server using AWS EC2 instance
📍Create a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline and automate the deployment on AWS Beanstalk
📍Creating projects will help you overcome challenges and troubleshoot errors
📍The projects should demonstrate the necessary tools and add value to the company

Que 5. Tips for creating DevOps projects and approach to development
👉If from a non-IT background, start with a small project from GitHub
👉Start with creating a Dockerfile and gradually move to deploy on cloud platforms like EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda functions, and DevOps pipelines
👉When developing a project, understand the problem DevOps is trying to solve
👉Build projects that are relevant to real-world scenarios and add value to the company
👉Prepare for interviews by understanding the challenges faced while using tools like Terraform, Jenkins, and Docker and how you overcame them
👉Always remember that you are paid for the value you bring to the company by solving their problems efficiently.

I express my sincere thanks to the gracious host Shubham Londhe and the esteemed guests Piyush sachdeva, Abhishek Veeramalla, Praveen Singampalli, Prerit Munjal, Ravish Rawat, and the insightful mentor Tausief Shaikh for their valuable guidance and support. Wishing you all a life filled with happiness and joy.

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